Alert Status:  Level 0 (Normal Operations)

Resuming Normal Operations as of 06/21/2015 @ 1000 hours
ARES/RACES Volunteers:  monitor the 145.430- /74.4 Repeater during inclement weather


Operations Plan

Virginia Capital District Operations Plan (Updated:  07/27/2015)

VCAPARES News and Updates

27 January 2015
Virginia Capital District ARES will be holding a District meeting at the Frostfest event on February 7, 2015.  The meeting is open to everyone and it will be held in the Richmond Room of the Exhibition Hall at the Richmond Raceway Complex.  Please come and join us at the meeting.

Goochland County ARES Team Activation - April 26, 2011

April 26th seemed to just be another day and, as usual, I had already begun the central Virginia six meter net early list check in. There were two stations from North Carolina near Raleigh already waiting their turns for comments. The phone rang with what I assumed to be my daughter’s morning call to her mom. This time however I answered the ring, and the voice on the other end I knew well.