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Notice of Website Decommission

The Virginia Capital District ARES website has been decommissioned due to the circumstances beyond our control.  The website has served as a valuable reference for the past 6 years to amateur radio operators interested in volunteering to serve with the District or one of its local teams.  It is unfortunate that we are forced to decommission the website, however, with the resignation of the existing District leadership and the refusal of the SEC to appoint Jim (KJ4DMI) as the new DEC, there was no other alternative as the website is a highly technical content management system requiring special knowledge and skills to maintain the site and its supporting systems.

Anyone interested in getting licensed as an amateur radio operator or any licensed amateur radio operators interested in volunteering with a local ARES or Emergency Communications team can find information on opportunities in the Greater Richmond Metropolitan Area by visiting the website:

Affiliation with ARES is not required for an amateur radio operator to volunteer as a public service communicator with a local jurisdiction.  Per the Memorandum of Understanding between the Virginia Department of Emergency Management and the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL) Virginia Section signed on 3 July 2008, any licensed amateur radio operator that affiliates with a local jurisdiction (private served agencies do not fall under the MOU) is considered covered by the MOU.  This is the exact language from the MOU outlining this:

“This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) formally recognizes any registered Virginia ARES member also as a registered member of RACES within the Commonwealth of Virginia. It also recognizes that any licensed amateur radio operator that is registered with his or her local jurisdiction to support emergency communications for that jurisdiction (or within the Commonwealth of Virginia) will also be considered as a registered member of RACES.

The Virginia Section ARES may be requested to provide communications for local, regional or statewide activities. In the event of a declaration of a State of Emergency or a Local Declared Emergency, as defined in the Code of Virginia, 44-146.16, these same ARES stations will automatically become RACES stations and will assume the authorizations and the responsibilities as defined under FCC Rules and Regulations. Other amateurs registered with their local jurisdictions will also become RACES operators under the same conditions.”

Thanks to all of the volunteers who have served with the Virginia Capital District ARES Team and its local teams over the past 10+ years.  It has been an honor and privledge to work with you in building what was the most organized and functional ARES team in the Commonwealth of Virginia!

Regards and 73,

Anthony S. Harbour, KG4YXP, Former DEC (2006 - 2016)
Jim VanderWerff, KJ4DMI, Former ADEC (2011 - 2016)
Ralph Fetty, Sr., W4FEG, Former ADEC (2008 - 2016)

Questions may be directed at our callsigns at